Rates Hotels

At Rateshotels we allow it to be easy to get the best hotel deals. We compare over 1000 travel sites at the same time, such as the large ones like Hotels.com, Expedia, lastminutes, Several hours, Booking.com and much more. By doing this you're guaranteed to get the best deal in your hotel. Whether you are searching for a weekend in Paris or 4 days in Spain, Rates hotels is the greatest beginning point to save cash in your hotel. With more than 800,000 hotels within our database we're confident there is a cheapest price in your hotel.


No Hotel Booking Fees

Rates Hotels does not add any fees or taxes to the search results. In fact, we show you the taxes and fees that the booking companies add so that you wont encounter any surprises when paying for your hotel room. This way you can actually compare the end price of all the travel sites.


Be your own Travel Agent

You don't have to search for hours on multiple sites anymore. You can be your own travel agent. Searching our database means searching 1000+ travel sites with 800,000 hotels in 36,000 destinations across 225 countries. With just a few clicks you'll be able to find that great offer that otherwise would have been a needle in a haystack. So search, click and find, but most of all enjoy your stay! Here at Best Hotels Rtaes and in your hotel!

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